avanca Festival


Bring an idea for a feature film or short film.
Gain access to a ‘pitch for movies’ workshop & coaching.
Win prizes that will help turn your idea into reality.

And the nominees are …

Short Movie

‘Couto’, Flávio Ferreira (Portugal)
‘Morpheu’, Manuel Pedro Gil, Jorge Sousa, Filipe Amorim, Rafael Lopes (Portugal)
‘Contra-Natura’, Ana Luísa Gomes (Portugal)
‘Freaking Awesome Life’, Moeinoddin Jalali (Ukraine)
‘O Sino’, Eduarda Laia, Simone Pereira (Portugal)
‘Pelo na Venta’, Margarida Madeira (Portugal)
‘Vector’, Martin Gomez Santiago (Spain)
‘Como quem não se importa’, António Silva (Portugal)
‘Corolario’, Yasser Socarrás (Cuba)
‘Kamikaze’, Rodrigo Tavares (Brazil)

Feature Films

‘The Journalist’, Allal El Alaoui, Nawzad Shekhany (Morocco)
‘Terra Vil’, Luis Campos (Portugal)
‘Cimento e Betão’, Vera Casaca (Portugal)
‘Come Petito, Come Molière!’, Giuseppe Iacono (Italy)
‘Seiva’, Adriana Martins da Silva, Pedro Martins (Portugal)

Congratulations to the nominees!


AVANCA PiTCH SESSiONS nurtures creativity and the promotion of new ideas for feature films and short films, ensuring that the best ideas are shown to the industry in the best possible way.

The zero edition of AVANCA PITCH SESSIONS is focused on cinema production and distribution, leveraged on a professional panel of experts comprising specialized speakers and jury members.


In this new event of AVANCA FILM FESTIVAL 2020, a short list of 15 stories will be selected out of the candidate project submissions.

Those will be granted access to the ‘Pitch for Cinema’ workshop with Rui Pedro Tendinha, and they will have the opportunity to learn the best practices in the media projects pitching.

The selected stories will also have an individual mentoring and advice program, to better prepared for the final pitch to the AVANCA PITCH SESSIONS jury.


The AVANCA PiTCH SESSiONS jury includes a professional panel of producers, distributors and media experts, ambassadors of cinema industry, focused on screening and promoting new projects and authors.

Rui Pedro Tendinha, SIC / Cine-Tendinha (PT)

Nuno Gonçalves, CineMundo (PT)
Maria Pacheco, LightBox Films (PT)
Alfonso Palazón, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (ES)
Simone G. Saibene, Noveolas Producciones (ES)
Ralf Cabral Tambke, Plural Filmes (BR)

André Leite Coelho


AVANCA 2020 follows Portuguese Health Authorities (DGS) recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, so AVANCA PiTCH SESSiONS will take place both in on-site and online format.

Based on digital platforms, the Workshop will only be accessible for the selected attendees and the PiTCH SESSiONS will be streamed online.





Send your application

To the email avancapitchsessions@gmail.com until June 28th 2020 at 18:00h (Lisbon Time), with one single document in pdf format containing:

  • Project title
  • Film category you are applying to
  • Synopsis with a maximum of 600 words
  • Identification, contact and short curriculum

Contents in Portuguese, English and Spanish are accepted.

Avanca Pitch Sessions



Feature Film: 1500 euros

Short Film: 750 euros

The prizes will be awarded by AVANCA FILM FUND and according to its rules, provided in the form of cinematographic pre, post and production and consultancy services.


With Producers and Distributors


Access to workshop’s talk and individual coaching.


Presence in the AVANCA 2020 Official Catalogue.



AVANCA PiTCH SESSiONS is an event devoted to the presentation and promotion of cinematographic projects in an early stage of development, organized by the festival AVANCA 2020 – Encontros Internacionais de Cinema, Televisão, Vídeo e Multimédia.

Applicants may submit original projects whose main shooting phase has not yet occured, in the categories of feature film and short film.
It will only be accepted one application per candidate, and no additional applications are considered.

Submissions must be sent to the email avancapitchsessions@gmail.com until June 28th, 2020 at 18:00 (Lisbon Time) including a single document in pdf format containing:
– Project title
– Synopsis (maximum 600 words)
– Identification, contact and short biography of the candidate
– Film category you are applying for.

Contents might be sent in Portuguese, English or Spanish languages.

The Steering Committee will select a short list of 5 projects in the feature film category and 10 projects in the short film category and notify the chosen candidates by email. The Steering Committee reserves the right to select surrogate applications. The results will be published at www.avanca.com.

The selection criteria are the project’s artistic merit, the potential for success and the ability to attract the required funding to be produced.

The 15 selected candidates have access to the pitch workshop and coaching program.

The competition sessions will occur July 22 and 23, 2020 and the selected candidates will do their project pitch presentations to the Jury.

The Jury, comprised of industry professionals and experts invited by the Steering Committee, will distinguish one winner per category to whom prizes will be awarded by the AVANCA FILM FUND Program and according to its Rules, with the following amount:

– Feature Film: 1500 Euros
– Short Film: 750 Euros

The winners also get access to a workshop of their choice at AVANCA 2021 and the right to exhibit the produced film in a Festival special session.

The 2nd and 3rd places of each category will be awarded an Honourable Mention.

The remaining selected candidates will receive an Official Nomination Mention.

The Steering Committee reserves the right to make the changes deemed necessary in the rules or in the program.

The Steering Committee reserves the right to use the contents, images or footages of the selected projects for marketing and communication purposes (web, print and media).

All ideas presented within AVANCA PiTCH SESSiONS belong to the authors, regardless of whether they are or not nominated or awarded. We recommend registering in the competent authorities.

The data received within the AVANCA PITCH SESSiONS scope are treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), guaranteeing its confidentiality and no sharing, under any form or condition. The data can only be supplied to judicial or administrative authorities, according to the law.

When submitting your project to AVANCA PiTCH SESSiONS, you fully agree with all the above described TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

All eventual doubts or issues that may be raised will be clarified or solved by the Steering Committee.


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